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Music Performance Adjudication Festival

We have been working very, very hard this semester in preparation for the Music Performance Adjudication Festival held at UNC Pembroke. Our performance date is March 7, 2023, and the following schedule will be in place for students:

10:46 AM-All band students will report to the band room 3rd Period.

10:55 AM-All students will go to the lunch room, get their lunch, and bring it back to the band room to eat. No students need to throw their trash away in the band room. It needs to go in a trash receptacle outside.
*After A Lunch is over, all students will begin getting into their band uniforms. Students should have a t-shirt and a pair of shorts that day to wear under their band uniform. All students are being fitted for kilts and should be completed by Friday of this week.

12:00 PM-Students will begin loading the bus.

12:30 PM-Depart Scotland High School.

1:00 PM-Arrive at UNC Pembroke

2:15 PM-Performance Time

3:30 PM-Estimated time to be back at Scotland High School. We will allow students to call home and let parents know when we have departed UNCP. All students must change out of their uniform upon arrival back to SHS. 

Performance at NCDPI

March is "Music in our Schools" month and the North Carolina Department of Instruction gives groups the opportunity to perform at their headquarters in Raleigh throughout this time. We were chosen as one of these groups and will be performing at their headquarters on Tuesday, March 14, 2023. The following schedule will be in place that day:

*All band students will report to band for 1st period that day.*

7:40 AM-Students will load onto buses. We will load our trailer with equipment, instruments, and uniform racks the day before.

8:00 AM-Depart Scotland High School.

10:00 AM-Arrive at NCDPI and begin getting into uniform and unloading the trailer.

11:30 AM-Performance at NCDPI.

12:30 PM-Load equipment, change, and leave NCDPI.

3:00 PM-Estimated time to arrive back at Scotland High School.

*Students need to wear shorts and a t-shirt for their uniform. I am currently working on trying to set up having food delivered to NCDPI for the bus ride home so we don't have to stop. There are after school sports that day and I do not want to run over into their time.

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