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What is Fair Share

 All Scotland High SchoollBand programs are funded by students and families.  The Scotland High School Band Boosters are a  non-profit organization (made up of band parents or guardians) designed to collect and raise funds in order to run these band  programs. 

 Paying your student's "Fair Share" is part of the commitment of being in marching band.  The "Fair Share" funds everything from helping to feed the band during band camp and football games, providing snacks at competitions.  Purchasing music for the season, caring for the uniforms, paying staff /consultants, bus transportation for away football games and competitions, maintenance of instruments, and purchasing of equipment. "Fair Share" also helps to pay for any trips the band may take  during the year.

 "Fair Share" can be made in three  installments.  Please make all checks payable to Scotland High School Band  Boosters. You can place these in the black box located in the band room. On the memo line, please indicate the student's  name, activity (Marching Band, etc), and payment description (fair share, payment#1).  Any remaining fund in the student  account at the end of the year will roll over into the next year.  Presently you can also make a payment on our cash app "$SHSBANDBOOST". 

   To help offset the cost of "Fair Share" along with reducing the cost of trips taken during the year, you and your student can  participate in volunteering at the concession stands. (Varsity & JV football games, wrestling, basketball, and soccer)


    We are allowing up to two people per student at a time to work concessions.  If you work a varsity football game, each  Individual will earn $40 credit toward your student's account.  All other fall sports will earn $20 credit toward your student's  account.  To receive full credit, you must be there for set up before the game and clean up when concessions close. There will  be no partial credit given for time spent in the concession stand. 

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