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"The Pride of Scotland County"

The Fighting Scots Marching Band

The “Pride of Scotland County,” the Fighting Scots Marching Band has been one of the premiere programs within southeast North Carolina for many years. Widely known for wearing a traditional Scottish military uniform, the marching band always catches eyes and hearts of admirers anywhere we perform.


The Fighting Scots marching band participates regularly at all home football game for Scotland High School performing the National Anthem on the field, tunneling out for the football team to run through while playing our school’s fight song, “Scotland the Brave,” and supporting the football team with pep songs in the stands. Halftime is the band’s performance time as we always perform our halftime show for the season.


The marching band also travels well as we usually bring a one bus pep band of our leadership team to play. The full band will always travel to Richmond High School for our annual rivalry game with the Raiders and it has become a tradition for us to travel with the full group to Jack Britt High School to combine with the Marching Buccaneers to perform our National Anthem.


Throughout the years the Fighting Scots Marching Band has traveled all across the country playing in many prominent marching band competitions and parades showing the skill of our wonderful student musicians. The Marching Band has played in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia, the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Florida in 2003, multiple BOA performances in Atlanta, GA, Towson, MD, and Tennessee. The band has also takes a bi-yearly trip to Orlando, Florida to do a parade in Universal Studios. The band has currently been invited to perform in the Dunkin Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia, PA in 2018.


Marching Band is a 4th period band class at Scotland High School in the fall and all students interested in participating must be enrolled in that class. All RCC classes need to be taken second semester if they conflict with 4th period marching band.


If you have any questions about involvement in the marching band program, please contact one of the directors and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Part Marching Band Shows:

2023-"In Bloom"

2022-"It's About Time"

2021-"The Human Element"

2020-No Show-COVID 19

2019-"Cathedral Bells"

2018-"New York: An Empire State of Mind"

2017-“For Every Reason, There’s a Season”

2016-“Journey to the Moon”

2015-“Around the World”

2014-"Four Scottish Dances"

2013-"Celtic Dances"

2012-"Reaching Greater Heights"

2011-"Le Tour" 

2010-"The Music of Chase"

2009-"The Human Element"



2006-"Stained Glass"

2005-“Avant Garde: The Evolution of Dance”

2004-“Paint By Numbers”


2002-“Porgy and Bess”

2001-"Make Our Garden Grow"

2000-"Four Scottish Dances"


1998-"Impressions of Winter"

1997-"Far and Away"


1995-"Phantom of the Opera"



Damien Chavis
Destiny Driggers
Campbell Gross
Jack Herr
Austin Jernigan
Eli McRae
Elwood Ratcliff
Landan Spaulding
Josh Stone
Madison Willoughby
Zach Wood
Ricky Zhang

Band Director: Jamie Bream


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