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Concert and Symphonic Bands

The Concert and Symphonic Band programs at Scotland High School have been a consistent superior performing group throughout its history. Stepping into the band room, the first thing you will notice is the massive line of "Superior" ratings along the back wall. Scotland's Symphonic Band at one time had the longest streak of "Superior" ratings in Grade 6 at the North Carolina Bandmasters Associations Music Performance Adjudication.

The Concert and Symphonic Bands put on amazing concerts every spring. The Concert and Symphonic programs are the backbone of all the other programs here at Scotland. Without student involvement in these programs, the marching band would not perform as well as they do. These programs are where music fundamentals are mastered and perfected so that they can be worked into other areas of performance. 

It is highly recommended that all students take band both semesters at Scotland High School so that not only can the student progress, but the program maintains its consistent superior sound and playing abilities. If you have any questions about scheduling conflicts second semester, please contact Mr. Jorgensen or Mr. Regling.

2017 Concert Band

Tango Mariana by Joseph Compello

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